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Ashley Cavasino, also known as DJ Desire, has always had a knack for the arts. As a young girl, she would always be dancing and posing for pictures. In her teen years, she grew passionate about dance and became extremely  interested in capturing artistic moments on stage through photography. However, it's her natural creativity and adventurous attitude that lead her interests from behind the camera, to in front it. 


She began doing photoshoots for local photographers, posing for various bathing suite companies with a strong online media presence such as Boutine LA. Her photoshoots spilled over onto her DJ persona, taking promotional photographs to aid her DJ promo material. Through these experiences, she landed a fit modeling agent through Mavrick Artist Agency where she has worked for several brands including a live hair demonstration for Paul Mitchell. Today, she continues to accept modeling roles for live promo, fit, swim, and fashion. 



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