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whichever event you desire,
we got your Girl!

The Boss Babe
in Charge

Finally, a CEO you want at your party.

Desirable Entertainment is owned and operated by DJ Desire. Her mission is to encourage and offer desirable female talent within the events industry through mobile DJ services.

Originally from Los Angeles, Ashley began providing DJ services under the name "DJ Desire" at the age of 16, focusing on private and corporate parties. She started DJ'ing her first of countless weddings at age 17 while also working her way into the nightclub scene a year later.


She has performed at some of SoCal's hottest nightlife venues including Avalon Hollywood, Exchange LA, True Hollywood, Project LA, OHM Nightclub,  Tonic  Nightclub, Wildcat Santa Barbara, and more! She’s been featured on multiple Hit Music Radio Stations, performed for countless Disney and Marvel Movie Premier parties, and spent a year traveling the Caribbean as the on board DJ for Carnival Cruise Lines.


She has also DJ'd within the professional sports realm, landing a residency DJ'ing massive tailgate parties for the LA Rams mega fan group, World Tour Rams. She's been their go-to DJ for every NFL season since 2017, helping to bring home the Super Bowl Win in 2021. 


She has become the resident DJ at local hot spots such as Maple & Ash in Scottsdale, Anoche Cantina in Tempe, and The Beverly on Main St. while also being The Valley's favorite DJ for Bachelorette Parties and other femme forward events. 


DJ Desire is working with other amazing female DJ talent to spread her "desirable" brand and DJ style around the greater Phoenix area. Desirable Entertainment's roster of female DJ talent include badass women from a variety of backgrounds with impressive DJ experience that is taking the industry by storm!



Our Desirable DJs

Her mixing style is elegant,

extremely smooth, and a little hood


Her mixing style is upbeat,

funky and fresh


Her mixing style is edgy,

energetic, and a total vibe

Our DJs

Her mixing style is professional,

seamless and alluring


Her mixing style is lively,

fierce and dynamic


Her mixing style is upbeat, spunky and versatile

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